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The all new Super Lightwind will blow your mind as it gets going in almost no wind, reaches top speed immediately and is comfortable and easy to sail for a high performance freeride board of this size. Werner Gnigler’s 4th generation of the Super Lightwind combines shape details from his latest Slalom, Super Sport and Formula development. It is 10 cm shorter now and feels clearly more compact! Equipped with a wide nose and a parallel outline through the mid section giving it the maximum planing surface. Double concaves in the bottom under the straps create maximum lift and acceleration. The long, flat waterline helps to push the board onto the plane. The efficient bottom shape provides a super lively and electrifying riding sensation. The new cut-outs create basically two outlines for the board. The wide one in the deck gives you a very powerful stance and you can push your board to maximum speed. The narrow one in the bottom reduces the wetted surface area and the enormous amount of pressure produced by modern fins can release easily. Therefore, the board feels stable and forgiving even on fast downwind runs. The much smoother and controlled ride encourages the rider to push for unlimited speed. The cut-outs also create thin rails – which makes it is easier to rail up the board at high speeds and carve through the jibe. Due to the reduced width, volume and dynamic lift of the tail, initiating the jibe requires less effort and guiding this wide board on its rail though the turn is clearly easier. The concave deck lowers the mast base and reduces the swing weight in the nose area. It also allows the rider to keep the rig more upright, which creates more down force to keep the board nicely trimmed on all courses. The new deck shape delivers great comfort as the higher standing position offers better leverage, creating more fin pressure for instant acceleration and top end performance. The advanced rider will prefer the outboard footstraps which are further back while the intermediate rider will enjoy the more inboard and further forward position which makes it very easy to get in and out of the straps The new Super Lightwind gets planing even earlier and is substantially faster than its predecessor. Additionally it is much smoother to ride and easier to control. The reduced wetted bottom surface creates the ‘lighter feel’ of a smaller board and a lively, thrilling ride. You have to try to it believe how much fun you can have in almost no wind.



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