RRD Air Sup V2 4″

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The most wanted SUP range of our collection. This super friendly and allroundorientated type of board glides smoothly on flat water and rides effortlessly in smallsurf, allowing you to enter a new dimension of excitement. Rocker and scooplinetogether with a perfect fin placement allow for a great experience of pleasure in anincredible variety of conditions.Built with a new “ Sandwich Dyneema Belt “ that wraps the whole contour of theboard on the deck and bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 30% stifferthan any conventional Inflatable board.

FEATURES: •Sandwich Dyneema belt•70% Double skin construction



9'4" x 32" x 4" 3/4", 9'8" x 33" x 4" 3/4", 10'2"x 33" x 4 3/4", 10'2"x 33" x 6", 10'4"x 34" x 4 3/4", 10'4"x 34" x 6", 10'6"x 34" x 6"


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