2016 JP Super Lightwind GOLD

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First introduced in 2010, the name ‘Super Lightwind’ stands for a unique concept. Wewanted to cover the light wind segment by offering a user-friendly board with outstanding,Formula-like early planing performance.The 168 delivers just that: maximum light wind planing ability, easy handling and anelectrifying sensation of speed. All the knowledge from the Super Sport, Slalom andFormula development went into this design.For maximum control we copied the tail shape from our Slalom boards featuring a wingerdesign, which makes the deck outline wider than the bottom outline.This powerful shape performs in every aspect. Benefiting from Formula-like early planingpaired with the ease and control of a Super Sport. It will get you planing in almost nowind and delivers an unbelievable combination of totally relaxed blasting and an electricsensation of speed. Be the first one to plane at any spot – just sheet in and go. The truelight wind freerider.

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GOLD 168


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